The students of the Master Edition make their comeback


Photo de la réunion de pré-rentrée
La réunion de pré-rentrée des M1 et des M2

That’s right: holidays are finally over. The new school year may have already started for some, but for us, serious business began on September 12th. And the schedule will surely be busy! In this second and final year of the Master’s degree in Publishing, our class will only go to university from September to December because as from January 2017 our six-month internship begins.

These four months of professional training will be devoted to: page layout with InDesign, Law courses, professional and current languages, cultural mediation, international publishing, digital books, IT management and other classes related to publishing. However, a master’s degree wouldn’t be professional without practical courses: on some Friday evenings, we will get the opportunity to meet people already working in the publishing industry in order to gain awareness of different aspects of their jobs. There is a meeting among members of the “CIL Alsace” association, mainly booksellers and publishers, on October 10th. The Colmar bookfair is also a place we will go to and, obviously, we will be visiting Frankfurt Book Fair on October 20th.

However, this second and final year requires a master ’s thesis! Indeed, since last January, our class has been working on these theses, with the aim of specialising in a particular issue concerning the publishing industry. During this final year, our group has to turn this paperwork into a book! That’s right, we do study publishing for good reasons. The work is to be finished in December for the oral defence to be done before the winter holidays.

We will soon be back on the blog and our YouTube channel, also on Facebook and Twitter. Do not hesitate to follow us on social media and subscribe to our channel!

With lessons, visits, meetings, exams and the internships: our second year will be busy indeed. We wish you a great new year at university!

Les deux promotions du master
Les M1 et M2

Written by Claire Lebreton.
Translated by Mona Klinkhardt, Lucie Barthod, Lylia Djoudi.



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