Welcome to our blog!

Here you will find information about the Master’s in Publishing at the University of Strasbourg. Located in the heart of Europe, the master’s program is quite young, but it provides complete training so we can work efficiently and effectively in the publishing world.

This professional degree program was created in 2011. Teaching is provided both by professors and professionals from the book field. Thus, our program hosts publishers, editors, booksellers, and intellectual property and marketing specialists, as well as graphic designers, all of whom come to share their knowledge. Our curriculum includes courses on book history, from the earliest days of printing to e-books, with extensive lectures on the book industry. Throughout the two years of the program, we are able to develop a large set of skills, including digital and communication skills, and special emphasis is placed on foreign languages (English, German, Spanish or Italian). The blog and the Facebook page are written and maintained by the students.

Along the way we undertake many projects, editorial and otherwise, so we can put into practice what we have learnt. For instance, the 2016 project is the conception and realization of a book, which allows us to follow the editorial and production process step by step.

In terms of professional experience, the semesters of coursework are complemented by two internships, one of two months in the first year, and another one of six months in the second year.

We also go to the Colmar, Paris and Frankfurt book fairs, which help us socialize and network with book trade professionals.

If you aspire to become an actor of the book world, come and join us!